UAE Zip Code

What is the zip code for the UAE?

Postal code or zip code is 00000or N/A where it is necessary to write it. United Arab Emirates and all of its states also uses its own system called MAKANI.

UAE Zip Code
UAE Zip Code
Are there ZIP codes in Dubai?
Postal Codes & Zip Codes in Dubai (2020) Filling out a form online and wanting to find out your postal code in Dubai? You’re not alone. Most people in Dubai don’t know how to fill in zip codes and postcodes simply because there are no zip codes assigned for each area in Dubai

Does Abu Dhabi have zip codes?
Abudhabi, capital of United Arab Emirates and other parts of the country doesn’t have postal code. UAE doesn’t follow postal codes for the cities and towns. Instead there are P.O. Box no for individuals and businesses. … In UAE the concept of zip or postal code does not exist.
What ZIP code means?
ZIP Code is a postal code used by the United States Postal Service (USPS). … The term ZIP is an acronym for Zone Improvement Plan; it was chosen to suggest that the mail travels more efficiently and quickly (zipping along) when senders use the code in the postal address.

Is 00000 a valid ZIP code?
If you run into a validation error for a country that does not use zip codes, you can try to force the address through by entering “00000” as a replacement postal code. Using this false postal code should not cause issues, as it does not exist.

Dubai Zip Code is the most common question because on internet and off internet users are required to fill the form where they are required to put the Postal Code or zip code of Dubai or UAE.


In fact, UAE, including all its states does not have any Postal Code or zip code because it is used in USA and some other countries. Postal code or zip code is 00000 or N/A where it is necessary to write it.
United Arab Emirates and all of its states also uses its own system called MAKANI. this system is used by Forces and Army in some countries for geographical location. in United arab emirates every Building, Home or office has its own makani Number .

Instead of postal code or zip code of Dubai P.O Box number is used which individual or company can use it for collecting posts.

These P.O. Box numbers are issued by Emirates Post Group.

Writing 00000 as zip code of Dubai or zip code of UAE is correct because the post man does not consider this code instead of of this He will consider P.O Box number.

Why not zip code of Dubai?

United State of America uses Zip codes to show geographical location. Many other countries also uses zip codes but not all countries uses zip code to show location.
Every country has its own rule to tell about location. UAE, Dubai is one of them who don’t use any such term but P.O box number.

How people get post in Dubai, UAE?

People get post in Dubai with this address format ” P.O.Box number 1234,office #, Building # 01 , JVC, Dubai.

UAE has many tourists many of them come from USA. Many investors are also from USA who are doing their business that’s why there are many places or platform where users are asked about Dubai or UAE zip code.

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