What Time Does UPS Deliver in My Zip Code

What Time Does UPS Deliver in My Zip Code UPS Ground parcel are normally delivered anytime Monday through Friday within the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. (and sometimes later) to residences, and business addresses during their normal business hours Monday to Friday. Weekend delivery is achievable in eligible locations.UPS Ground packet cannot be programmed to come at a particular time of day. UPS express shipments have promised delivery times that vary by UPS service. Track your package for up-to-date status..

Track UPS Parcel Live

In the U.S. and Canada, for national deliveries that require a signature, you can give commands for the driver if no one will be home. For example, you can ask that the shipment be delivered to a next-door-neighbor who will be home. If an adult sign is required and the sender has instructed us not to leave the parcel with a neighbor, we will make extra delivery try on the next business day. Freight that doesn’t need a signature can be left in a safe place at the driver’s responsibility. This could cover the front porch, side door, back porch, or garage area.

UPS Delivery Times by Zip Code

What Time Does UPS Deliver in My Zip Code

Can I see where my package is right now?

UPS My Choice® client can use the Follow My Delivery live map to see the location of select boxes in relation to the delivery address. The parcel icon updates each two to three minutes as the package travels towards its target.

Follow My Delivery is free for packages sent using UPS® Ground, UPS Next Day Air®, UPS Worldwide Express®, and UPS Worldwide Express Plus®.

We customize every map for your driver’s record and email you the link as soon as the driver starts his or her route.

The map will no longer be accessible after successful delivery or the end of the driver’s day. If we want to come back for another delivery try, we’ll send you an email that morning with a link to a different map.

Please note that the container icon on the map does not show the order of the driver’s stops or exact delivery time.

UPS ground shipping takes one to five days to deliver depending on the departing location and delivery destination.

Can I See Where My UPS Truck Is?

UPS My Choice® members can use the Follow My Delivery live map to view the location of select parcel concerning the delivery location. The parcel icon updates every two to three minutes as the package moves towards its destination.

Does UPS Deliver on Weekend Saturday & Sunday – UPS makes the weekend work harder for you.

Yes UPS Deliver on Weekend from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm

When the weekend comes, you don’t have to put the business on pause. UPS weekend pickup and delivery services can assist you to take more orders after your Friday pickup, turn inventory faster and, best of all, create happier customers.

  • Saturday pickups for all service levels – UPS is the only integrated carrier according to Saturday package car pickups* for all service levels. 
  • Commercial delivery on Saturdays – UPS is the only combined carrier giving Saturday commercial delivery.
  • Residential delivery to more than 100 metro areas over the U.S. on Saturday and Sunday.
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